Specializing in Superior Pool Installation Solutions

Many companies use outside contractors for their pool installations and liner replacements. Our installers are part of our family. Therefore, we have a personal interest in doing the job right and providing the best service possible.

Pool Installation

If needed, we will measure your yard to ensure you get the best pool within the city's protocols. Pools usually go in and up in one day. Each yard is different so our installers will assist you with your individual needs.

Filter Repair and Acid Baths

Maintenance and small repairs are very important such as changing check valves and giving acid baths. You may be able to do such repairs on your own. If not we can help in two ways: you can bring the filter to the store and we can fix it on-site or for a yard charge, we can come to your home and get the job done.

Take Down, Pool Removal, and Relocate

When it's time to move or get a new pool, contact us and we will let you know if your pool can go with you or if you want us to take it down and take it away.

Pool Openings

Many people do not have either the time or ability to open their own pool. We can bring your chemicals and startup form, remove your cover, connect your filter, and assist you in properly starting your pool for the new season.

Motor Repair

There are many moving parts that make a motor work.

Changing a seal or replacing a gasket is a precise task to make the moving parts run for years. Having a leak, or if you hearing a hum may not mean it's time to buy a new motor. With a little information from you, we may be able to help.

Pool Closings

As with opening the pool, when the season is over we can disconnect and clean your filter, bring and add your winterizing chemicals, and put your cover on and close your pool tight for the winter.

Replacement Liner Installation

During your pool's life, there are times when you may need a new liner. We can help pick a liner from the newest patterns, come and remove the old liner, change the necessary gaskets, and use the correct amount of base to even out the bottom and install your new liner.

Too Large / Too Small

There are many services that may be needed for your pool, from changing gaskets to releveling your pool. No job is too small or too large. Please call us at the store or call Mark directly with any questions or for any information you may need.

Water Testing

Bring a sample of water with you when you come to the pool store, and we will be happy to test it for free to better help with your pool needs.

For ANY questions

Please visit the store or contact our Service Manager Mark directly at